Our History
Joaquin, Darrin, & Chivon Dean, established Ruff Ryder's Records in 1988.
These three siblings decided to launch their own record label after managing
several artist careers for a numbers of years. The success of their business
is created around the family environment they provide for their stable of
artist. Ruff Ryder's commitment to its family value has created a new breed
of Hip Hop artist who work, corporately to promote their music. This posture
has made them an innovators in the growing trend of family based
businesses in the music industry. Their philosophy of business is centered on
cross marketing their artist with their brand in order to allow all components
of their business to be successful. ("Urban Dictionary"). There are Chapters
with 10 or more members in every state of the U.S. & most foreign countries.

State History
North Carolina Ruff Ryder’s Lifestyles History

Written and Approved by Guarantee/State Rep
G-Money, X-Factor, AQ, and Serv-Dogg/Class of 2003
Compiled and Published January 28, 2013
Revision 1.0

Fall 2002 - The 'original group' that started Ruff Ryder’s in NC initially got
information on the organization from the Founders out of Atlanta, GA which
were Ruff, E3, Ice, Batman, and EZ.

January 2003 – The official Corporate recognized start of Ruff Ryder’s in NC
began with Prime-President, McGuyver-Vice President, Trigger-Sgt at Arms,  
Juicy-Secretary, Diamond-Treasurer, Chad-Road Captain and Krazy Leggz-
Stunt Captain and were based in Charlotte (Pres) and Greensboro (VP).

March 14, 2003 – G-Money/Area Captain and Shy joined Ruff Ryder’s via
Charlotte/Greensboro and brought Ruff Ryder’s to Raleigh.

May 2003 – Recruited Guarantee at Myrtle Beach Bike Week.

June 2003 – From the Raleigh Area, the Jacksonville (Lady-T/Area Captain)
and Fayetteville (Ace/Area Captain) areas were created.

August 2003 – Linda Helin/Lifestyles Director created 2 NC Chapters:

Eastern NC (Guarantee/President) and Western NC (Prime/President)

September 2003 – X Factor/Area Captain-Durham was made official under the
corporate structure.

July 2004 – Bamm/Lifestyles Director appointed Guarantee Regional who then
unified the state under single executive structure.
Regional – Guarantee
President – Trigger
V.P. – Chuck
Treasurer – John Blaze
Secretary – BabyFace Fensta
Sgt @ Arms – Rah
General of Triangle – G-Money
General of Fayetteville – Ace
General of Jacksonville – AQ

March 2005 – State Divided into separate Chapters by Roc and PAP/Corporate
(No Regional).
Jacksonville – Venum
Fayetteville – KenDog
Raleigh/Durham – G-Money
Charlotte – Trigger
Wilson – Superman (Never fully established)
Mathews – KeepUp (Never fully established)

July 2005 – Guarantee appointed NC State Rep.

August 2005 – Venum stepped down due to deployment as President in
Jacksonville.  Lo became President.

March 2006 – G-Money stepped down.  Serv-Dogg became President of the
Raleigh/Durham Chapter.

March 2006 – KenDog was removed.  Geechi became President of
Fayetteville following deployment.

January 2008 – The Raleigh and Durham Chapters became separate chapters.

January 2008 – Greenville Chapter Established.

January 2008 State Structure:
Bike Divisions
Raleigh – Serv/G-Money
Charlotte – Trigger/B
Fayetteville – Geechi/Gambit
Greensboro – Georgia Boy/Pocahontas
Greenville – Dee Ukon/Delight
Jacksonville – Lo/AQ
Durham – X Factor/Whop Dog
Car and Truck Divisions
Jacksonville – Bless/Casper2K
Fayetteville- Mezmoreyez/Torch

March 2008 – Delight became President of Greenvile.

July 19, 2008 – First Family Day hosted by Greensboro.

July 2008 - AQ became President of Jacksonville.

August 2008 – Georgia Boy stepped down.  Pocahontas became President of

August 2009 – Pocahontas stepped down.  2 Beast became President of

November 2009 – DJ Storm became President of Charlotte.

Summer 2010 – Greenville Chapter Disbanded.

September 10, 2010 – Goldsboro Chapter Started by Scoota.

April 2011 – First State Loop Ride hosted by Goldsboro.

January 28, 2012 – Rocky Mount Area is formed under the direction of State
Rep and Goldsboro President (probation period)

October 2012 – Fayetteville board removed and new board voted in with Ice
Mike as President.

December 2012 – DJ Storm stepped down as President of Charlotte.

January 2012 - Neo became President of Charolotte

Leroy “Smiles” Alexander-Fayetteville-2004
Nat Talud Raish “Rah” Smith-Charlotte-2005
Walter “Krenshaw” Jones-Raleigh-2009
Nathan ‘Twist” Harris-Durham-2010
Cynthia “Thai-ny Tymbz” Rosario-Charlotte-2011